About Us

In 2019 I went to a festival and left obsessed with face masks. I came home, bought a sewing machine and started teaching myself to sew. I was inspired and determined to create a festival mask that I could wear comfortably for hours. I started creating prototypes of what I thought would become my ideal festival mask.

A few months later, coronavirus happened. Suddenly we were all trudging around uncomfortably in blue surgical masks. I didn’t like the way they looked, how they felt on my face or breathing in them. Most of all, I hated their disposability. I quickly ditched the surgical masks and started wearing my festival masks instead. They were breathable, comfortable, washable and vibrant. Everywhere I went, strangers asked me where I got my mask because they wanted one too. I started giving one away to anyone who asked. After giving away over a hundred masks, I thought perhaps people would buy them. And they did!

Masks don’t need to about oppression, conformity or uniformity. For me, these masks are a way to embrace my freedom of expression and creativity. This brand is about sharing that with the world.